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Magical Weather

Magical Weather is a stunning animated weather station for your iPad.

Never get caught without your umbrella again! Magical Weather keeps you up to date with the latest weather forecasts at home and around the world.

Available on the App Store

Your Personal Weather Station

Magical Weather gives you exactly the weather information you need. Whether it's a detailed forecast for your current location or beautiful, easy-to-read summaries of the weather anywhere in the world, Magical Weather has you covered.

Weather Exposé

Weather Exposé lets you see the current weather conditions for your current location and up to
eight other places at a glance.

Weather Panel

The Weather Panel shows you the detailed forecast for any location. See current conditions, the weekly forecast, and the hourly forecast
for today with a single swipe.

Location, Location, Location

Magical Weather adds a weather panel for your current location automatically. Search by city, zip code, or airport code to add any of over 2,000,000 locations worldwide.

A Matter of Degrees

And wind speed. And pressure. And precipitation. In fact, Magical Weather tells you everything you want to know about the weather:

  • Current temperature with today's high and low
  • Relative humidity
  • Probability of rain
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Wind speed (in Beaufort, knots, mph, kph, or mps)
  • Change in temperature since yesterday
  • Current UV index
  • Today's hourly forecast, including probability of rain for every hour
  • Seven-day forecast, including highs and lows
  • Temperature values in degree Fahrenheit or Celsius

Magical Weather's unique, beautiful, tailor-designed weather animations make it the perfect window on the weather.

High-quality Weather Data by MeteoGroup

Magical Weather gets its information from MeteoGroup, Europe’s largest private sector weather business, so Magical Weather is always up to date
with the best weather information available.